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Nvidia Shield Pro Model Revealed… by Accident

A recent Amazon listing revealed to the world that a new Nvidia Shield TV model is scheduled for release in the near future. The listing (now removed) revealed that there will be some improvements over the previous model. These expected updates include 3GB of RAM, an updated Tegra X1+ chip, Dolby vision, and a refreshed remote control with many, many more buttons than the current model.

Although the model looks identical to the original in the pictures, the improvements are advertised to make the device 25% faster than the current model with improvements in picture and sound.

The current Shield TV model is on Android 9 Pie which is the current version for Android TV devices. It’s a safe bet that will be the default OS for the 2019 model as well.

Emulation fans should be excited for this updated model as emulation should perform even better than the current model, especially if developers optimize their software for it.  The current model can emulate practically every console up to the Wii fairly well.

In fact, in China, Nintendo even ported some of their Wii games officially, if that is an indicator of the power that the diminutive box provides.

Users in other territories will have to use workarounds in order to install the official games, or they can install the Dolphin emulator to play Gamecube and Wii games.

Retroarch, and Yaba Sanshiro are also Raycommended installs.

Per the listing, the updated Shield TV model will be released on October 28, 2019 for $199.99.

Source: Amazon (now removed)

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