New Incredibly Capable Mod Kit For the Sega Nomad

Oleg Endo recently release a brand new mod kit for the Sega Nomad that brings a whole lot to the table.  Oleg announce the development of this mod kit back in October 2021:

This kit consists of a complete replacement PCB for the original Sub Board which has an IPS screen already mounted to it as well as a 3200 mAh battery.  That’s right!  This think sports an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery, no more bulky external battery packs!   The battery is charge though a USB-C port where original DC jack used to be.

The beautiful IPS panel pulls the consoles RGB signal for a beautiful and crisp image that looks absolutely fantastic.

The replacement board by itself can be installed as a drop in kit with out the need for soldering or modification to the shell which is awesome!  However, if you want to fully utilize the potential of this kit, you can install the included dual oscillator board for PAL support, overclock the Motorola 68000 CPU, add support for soft reset capability, and enable the language select feature.

These additional mods can be controlled within the integrated menu system which is accessed by pressing in the brightness control rocker switch:

For more details on this mod as well as instructions on how to install it, be sure to check out my video at the top of this article.

In the end, this is by far the most comprehensive mod kit for the Sega Nomad and is bound to breath new life into the console!  If you are interested in picking on of these up for your Sega Nomad, be sure to follow Oleg Endo on Twitter.  He is currently working on a new batch with some improvements and will announce when these kits will go on sale.

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