New Component to RGB Converter Announced

Once you start using hardware in the retro gaming world, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into an issue that requires a signal conversion.  Here in North America, wanting to use RGB SCART on consumer-grade TV’s that only support YPbPr Component Video input is one of the most common conversions you’ll hear of.  RetroTINK creator Mike Chi announced one of those a few months ago which is soon to be available for purchase and he’s now announced the opposite:  A Component to RGB converter!

While it’s not as common, there are a few scenarios where people need to transcode component to RGB!  The most likely would be a need to use consoles like the Wii with a monitor that only accepts RGBs/HV and not YPbPr, such as NEC “XM” series monitors, as well as ones from Mitsubishi and (less likely) Sony.  There’s also the case where people want to assemble a fully automated switch and this would allow people to route their component video consoles through a gcompsw, into this device, into a gscartsw and out to a monitor or scaler.

Over the years, a few companies such as Key Digital have released devices like this for use in the video world, but up until now, the only device designed specifically for retro gaming was the Garo from the Behar Bros.  Unfortunately, after releasing an updated design last year, the Garo was still reported to have issues with certain setups resulting in video with a purple tint.  They’ve also removed SCART as an option option on their official page, so it looks like this is the only option for SCART users.

Based on Mike’s other devices, this is something we can definitely look forward to!

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