MSDEXP Short Case for Mega Sg

Here’s a new product for a very specific, niche scenario:  Do you own Analogue’s Mega Sg, an original 32x, a Mega SD Rom Cart / ODE? and the Mega SD Expansion Adapter that allows 32xCD games to be played?  If so, you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t quite line up with the shorter height of Analogue’s Genesis.  Well, Todd from RetroFrog has just created a replacement case for the expansion adapter that allows it to line up properly:

MSDEXP Short Case:
Purchase the Mega SD:
More info on the MSDEXP:

I’d like to reiterate what I said above, as there’s lots of acronyms here and it’s very easy to be confused about this:  First and foremost, the MSDEXP adapter was designed to play 32xCD games via the Mega SD ROM cart.  That’s it.

Next, this case is only for people who exclusively use their Mega SD with Analogue’s Mega Sg FPGA-based Genesis/Mega Drive.  If you use original consoles, or swap back and forth, just keep the original case.

You already need to own the MSDEXP adapter, as they’re currently out of stock, with no plans to make more at the moment;  This is just for the new case.

So, are you someone who falls into that very specific niche?  There’s surprisingly a lot of you, so this might be a good investment, just to clean up your setup a bit.  If not, don’t worry about this new case…but maybe check out the livestream I did testing it awhile back:

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