MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, MARSFPGA, Targ, Thunder Cross & More

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 core nows has 50% of the TLB implemeneted. This helped with the following games:

Paper Mario
Mystical Ninja 2
Castlevania 64
Bomberman 64
Perfect Dark
Shadow Man
Turok 2


Martin Donlon Interview

Pixel Cherry Ninja conducted an interview with developer Martin Donlon, also know as wickerwacka. He’s developed the Irem m72 and m92 cores, added pixel repitition to MiSTer and much more.

The interview covers many topics so make sure to check it out.



Mike Chi is now a member of the MARSFPGA project and will be working on the video side of things. The team also showed off real hardware running real games at the Freeplay Florida event in Tampa Bay. Some games shown were SOldier Girl Amazon and Super Pacman.



Anton Gale has shown off more work that’s been done on the TARG arcade schematics.
Schematics are available for the:

Moving Object Counters
Moving Object (Sprites)
Video Generation & I/O Ports


Thunder Cross

Jotego released a new beta core for Konami’s Thunder Cross arcade game. This is a vertically scrolling shooter released in 1988. It’s available for the MiSTer FPGA and the Analogue Pocket.


Williams Core

Pramod has posted an update on the Williams arcade core. CPU optimizations were made with Smash TV and Total Carnage working well.

There are problems with games that use FMV, like Mortal Kombat. Even with dual SDRAM the core is struggling, so Pramod will need to find some other optimization tricks or hold off Mortal Kombat for more FPGA hardware with more BRAM.