Machined Aluminum Shells for the Nintendo Switch Lite

A new shell replacement for the Nintendo Switch Lite has been created.  It is made entirely out of machined aluminum and is anodized to have a finish very much like that of Apple’s MacBook computers.  Shells like this have existed as a premium option for those who want to alter the appearance of their beloved consoles.  Thanks to individuals like Nick of Boxy Pixel, retro gaming enthusiasts are able to swap their original worn out plastic shells for these premium replacements.

DingMao designed these shells from the ground up and they are direct replacements for the original plastic Switch Lite shells.  However, there is one major concern that stems from the shells metallic construction, that being they could potentially disrupt both the wifi and bluetooth signals.  To combat this issue, DingMao has made strategically placed cut outs in the aluminum shell to allow wireless signals to pass though with minimal degradation.

In the video linked above, I provide a detailed tutorial on how to install this shell onto your Switch Lite.  Swapping the shell on any Switch console is a very daunting task and should be done by those who have prior experience. I would consider this an intermediate to advanced level mod.  Additionally, I provide a general overview of the shell’s features.



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