kkrieger: fitting an FPS into 96 KB of storage

Nostalgia Nerd released a video going into detail on how the game kkrieger was made to fit in around 96 KB of storage space. The game was made by the demoscene group Farbrausch for a game competition that was hosted at a demoscene event in 2004 called Breakpoint.  The idea of the contest was to create a game that would fit in 96 KB of space, and they decided to take part in it because while they wanted to take a break, they wanted to have something to show at Breakpoint.

So how did they fit a game in 96 KB? Well, most of the large assets get generated when you start the game. Yep, the game generates things like textures when you start the game up. and they also use bump maps to give objects more detail. some textures are even derived from windows fonts, no joke. I would go into more detail but I would rather have you watch the video since it’s really good.

I personally enjoyed the video and always enjoy what Nostalgia Nerd uploads, and I recommend giving his channel a look if you haven’t before.