HyperBoy FlashCart Pre-Orders

Kevin Mellott has just opened pre-orders on his single-flash Virtual Boy ROM Cart, called the HyperBoy.  This is meant to be a stripped-down, more affordable alternative to Kevin’s eInk-based HyperFlash32, is available in black or red and costs about $65 less at $135.  These are scheduled to arrive to customers before the end of the year and is currently planned as a limited run.  More info below the link:

HyperBoy Pre-Orders:

The entire purpose of the HyperBoy is cost;  Not everyone needs an eInk screen, haptic touch buttons and the ability to load an entire romset, like the HyperFlash32 provides.  Alternatively, if you own Kevin’s link cable and two Virtual Boy’s, it’ll be nice to save some money on the second ROM cart, for things like the two-player Mario Tennis romhack, or (of course) Hyper Fighting!  The only downside is the requirement of tethering the cart to a PC to manually load each game (with only one game at a time supported).

Thunderstruck will be creating a GUI-based tool to flash roms, so it’ll at least be easy to use.  Once the game is loaded, it will run exactly like the original and will even run larger games, like Hyper Fighting.  Here’s the full list of features:

Features overview:

  • 32 Mbit Flash memory
  • 32k x 8 nvSRAM
  • Aluminum anodized covers
  • 3D printed carbon fiber frame
  • Laser etched graphics
  • USB port for game loading
  • Can hold full game Hyper Fighting ROM
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