Genesis Model 1 Stereo Line Amp Kit

Firebrandx has just opened pre-orders on his Sega Genesis 1 audio amp kit.  This is an alternative to using the headphone amp to get stereo audio from the Genesis 1 and depending on your equipment, you might see a noticeable upgrade in sound quality;  If you’re using the speakers in your PVM for audio, you probably won’t hear a difference and if you’re using a stereo or good audio recording a equipment, you definitely will. 

As for the install, my personal preference is to use a 3.5mm jack for audio, so it’s still compatible with either a Genesis 1 stereo cable, or the Genesis 2 adapter pigtail (my favorite Genesis 1 solution).  Regardless of 3.5mm vs RCA, both can be used with his board and I think FBX’s method of removing the RF adapter and utilizing the existing holes is an excellent way to make this a no-cut mod!:


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