First mt32-pi “zero” Official Kits On Sale, Enhanced Kits Sell Out In Minutes

Dale Whinham – perhaps better known as d0pefish, the creator of mt32-pi, has launched a shop over on Ko-Fi selling the first official hardware based around the project.

If you’re not already familiar, mt32-pi is an open source project which emulates the Roland MT-32 and other MIDI devices using a Raspberry Pi, and can be connnected to MiSTer FPGA as well as vintage PCs and – well, basically any other equipment that supports MIDI output.

Two versions of the kit are offered for sale – an “enhanced” version (which sold out within minutes of going public) for £64.99 and a “standard” kit for £54.99 – which is still available at the time of writing. He is UK-based but international shipping is available. The enhanced version offers a signal booster intended to eliminate potential issues when used with longer cables.

Features (as stated on the linked shop page) are as follows:

  • Build your own standalone MIDI synthesizer based on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.
  • Supported by the open-source mt32-pi project, providing Roland MT-32 and SoundFont-based synthesizer engines.
  • TRS Type A MIDI in, 3.5mm stereo audio out via. hi-fi PCM5102 DAC.
  • 128x64px OLED, two control buttons, and a unique jog wheel for volume control.
  • MiSTer FPGA compatible, using a standard SHORT (<30cm) USB 3.0 to micro-B cable (as found on portable hard disks).

The parts included in the kit comprise of:

  • Main PCB
  • Top MATTE BLACK faceplate (GLOSSY WHITE available on request, please send a message after ordering!)
  • Bottom aluminium faceplate
  • 8x screws, 4x brass standoffs
  • Self-adhesive heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W
  • Thermal pad
  • Braided lanyard
  • Official mt32-pi small holographic sticker

An official 3D printed case is also available separately.

Users will have to source their own Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, and if they wish to use their mt32-pi with real vintage MIDI hardware, will also require a TRS to MIDI cable.


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