FirebrandX: Neo Geo 320 vs 304 Games

FirebrandX recently wrote a Patreon post that detailed an odd “feature” of the Neo Geo:  The ability to pillarbox 320 resolution games to 304.  While this is a non-issue on CRT’s, if you scale certain games wrong, you’ll actually cut off too much of the image.  Please check out the post for more info:

Public post (but please consider supporting anyway):
List of games:

I really love stuff like this, as it’s a huge help to people looking to get the best scaling possible out of their games.  While this is a bit on the nitpicky side, the RetroTINK 4K is going to make this so easy for people to dial in:  Simply reference the document FBX created and choose the profile he set up that matches the game.  Literally a few seconds of time to get the right image on screen.  If you’re a big Neo Geo fan planning on getting an RT4K, it’s at least something you should try out!


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