Emulicious: Spring 2020 Update

Calindro recently posted an update to Emulicious – An emulator for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Master System and Game Gear.  While Emulicious can be used as a striaghtforward emulation platform, it includes many tools designed for developers.

The update comes with the following improvements:

  • When using Table Files the Memory Editor now shows all symbols (e.g. [LF])
  • Added missing label for the volume of the noise channel of the Mastersystem
  • Fixed a bug where some persisted breakpoints did not work anymore
  • Fixed that very long lines did not fully display in the debugger
  • Added a status bar to the debugger showing size and cycles of selected lines
  • Reduced delay caused by the debugger when changing a lot of bytes
  • in the Memory Editor

You can download the software here:
For discussion, check out Emulicious’s Discord server at:

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