Download Playable Demo of SOTN Megadrive, Genesis Port

Castlevania fans are getting a Christmas present for the Megadrive this year! There has been a new demo release of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis port of Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Gamedev and YouTuber Pigsy has been documenting the process of porting graphics and building a game engine with various collaborators, and has released a more full version than last year’s releases. This new release is far closer to the vision for a completed demake of Symphony of the Night for the Sega Megadrive.

The dev has confirmed the demo working on real Megadrive hardware using an Everdrive, and has been personally tested on MiSTer FPGA by yours truly. While far from complete, it’s clear Pigsy and team have put a lot of work in, and the new demo is an awesome new step in the project.

Pigsy has also uploaded the below video testing the demo on his CRT and describes various technical hurdles and problems he is solving in building the game engine.

Download the new demo from Pigsy’s link here, and check out his Youtube Channel for more info.

[2023 SOTN Megadrive and Genesis Demo] (link in video description)

For those interested, older builds of demos were released around December of 2022, which can still be found here:

[2022 SOTN Megadrive Demos]

And here are some screens of the older demos running on the Nuked MD MiSTer core:

In case you missed the download link in the middle of the article, here it is for all you sillies checking the article bottom first.

[2023 SOTN Megadrive and Genesis Demo] (link in video description)

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