Digitize Analog Video with RetroTINK 4K & 5x

This video will show how to use a #RetroTINK 4K or 5x to convert your analog media such as VHS and LaserDisc to digital.  It’ll also show WHY it’s a good choice for many of those scenarios, especially digitizing home movies. 

RetroTINK 4K:
Other RetroTINK Products:
RT4K Files:
RT5x “VHS Beta” Firmware:
I/O Data Capture:
Osprey Video 210e:
Osprey Video 260e:
Live Gamer 4K:
Rear S-Video/Composite Adapter:
Video Capture Box 2.0:
Modeline Calculator:
Eurotrip, LOL:
Info on Japanese Color Standards:

Please assume all links are affiliate / paid links that pay RetroRGB a commission on each sale.  Even if links are currently not affiliate, I may update them with one, should a partner list that item for sale in the future.  Also, if you’d like more info on the RT4K, please check out the launch video here:

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