DF Retro Mortal Kombat Analysis

John Linneman is back with another DF Retro episode about one of my favorite games of all time:  The original Mortal Kombat!  John takes a look at every version of the game, comparing each to the original arcade version…all while throwing in a bit of history and perspective to tie it all together.

I certainly don’t want to spoil anything from the video, but one thing I would like to discuss is the potential for a patched Sega CD version.  While I vaguely remember owning (or at least playing) the Sega CD version of the game as a kid, all I can remember about it was the load times and how it (on my old CRT probably connected via RF) didn’t offer anything over the Genesis version.  As I revisited this version later on in life while testing for RetroRGB, I was able to appreciate the differences, but the load times were even worse, as I was using 20-year-old hardware and a finicky Sega CD unit.

Now with the release of the Mega SD, MiSTer core and potential future Everdrive version supporting SCD, I need to ask:  Are there any Sega CD developers out there willing to patch the Sega CD version of the game?  The two main issues that need to be fixed are:

  • Have the correct music track play over the proper stage.
  • Disable Shang Tsung’s transformations, to prevent the load time as he changes characters.

Hopefully someone in the scene might be able to create a patch that would allow us to better appreciate this version.  Either way, I’ll be giving it a try once more on my Triple Bypassed Genesis, to see how it holds up in its current form.

Anyway, check out the main video and enjoy a glimpse into everything you’d like to know about Mortal Kombat 1 versions!

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