Bob & Wes’ #beatit2018 Recap

Here’s a bit of a changeup:  Instead of talking about the hardware behind games, I invited Wes from Second Opinion Games to talk about…GAMES!!!  He and I go over the games we’ve beaten so far this year as part of #beatit2018, as well as favorites and other honorable mentions.  

Don’t forget to join in on the fun!  Just post a screenshot of the last screen of a game on any of your favorite social media platforms and tag it #beatit2018!

Video of this discussion can be found below (with game footage!) and an audio-only version of this podcast is available on Wes’ channel here:


During this video, I talked a lot about the new game Tanglewood.  Check out the video below for an interview with the creator, as well as footage recorded from a real Genesis console!:


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