Arcade1Up Cabinets for $100 off

The new 3/4 sized arcade cabinets from Arcade1Up are having a pre-order sale for $100 off the MSRP, at $299.  These cabinets are unique in that they’re a bit more then your average emulation / flat-screen cab;  Each cabinet has an arcade stick that matches the games bundled.  For example, SFII has a six-button layout for each player with a standard arcade stick, but Tempest comes with a spinner controller and Asteroids comes with a trackball. 

I can only speculate that for $299, the stick components aren’t “competition quality”, the 17″ LCD screen isn’t lag-free and the emulation is far from perfect.  That being said, $300 is an excellent price and maybe the perfect purchase for someone looking to build and hack a spinner arcade?  Check out the direct links below for the discount:


Asteroids/Major Havoc/Lunar Lander/Tempest

Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command/Crystal Castles

Street Fighter ll Champion Edition/The New Challengers/Turbo




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