Another Bad Mod Shop Exposed

ATTENTION:  The video above and thoughts in this post are regarding PROFESSIONAL MOD SHOPS.  By no means are we referring to DIY’ers, or beginners, only people who run businesses modding.

Voultar has just posted another video about him repairing work done by a “professional” modder.  It’s heartbreaking that after all the work the retro gaming community has done to prevent these things from occurring, there’s still companies out there getting away with stuff like:

  • Bad mod work that could cause shorts and kill your console
  • Misleading eBay auction description to lure people in
  • Sending free consoles to known YouTube shillers in exchange for endorsements

I (bob) have never wavered on my stance:  I don’t care how much hate I get, or if it’s not currently “fashionable” to speak out, I will ALWAYS stand up for people who’ve been taken advantage of by these people.

It’s so easy to provide something like a quality N64 RGB mod and there are zero excuses for a “professional shop” to perform work like this.  In fact, I offered up my own bad mod work a few years ago, both as a laugh and as a learning experience…and one of the “never do this” example is exactly how this company mods their N64’s!!!

We’re all in this together.  Let’s help stop this behavior…and more importantly, stop letting dishonest people a take our money.

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