Analogue Nt Mini Noir 2nd preorder tomorrow (11th)

Analogue has just announced that they’ll be doing a second pre-order for the upcoming NT Mini Noir.  It will happen tomorrow August 11th at 8AM PST.  The price is still $500 + shipping and it will be available here:

There was a bit of controversy around the Noir, as pre-orders opened and closed a few months ago, then after closing Analogue announced it would include a faster processor and more features.  Many fans of the product decided not to pre-order, since it had the same specs as the model they already own, so hearing these upgrades after they missed their chance was a letdown.

Well, now fans of the Noir have one last chance to get one.  As with all previous Analogue pre-orders, expect significantly less stock to be available than people looking to purchase.  If your goal is simply to play NES & Famicom carts on your flat-panel, the RetroUSB’s AVS is an excellent choice and depending on shipping fees could be as low as 1/3 the cost!  I have an old review below that’s not the quality of my current reviews, but still accurate (below) and here’s the link to purchase:

Also, please keep in mind that if using original NES/Famicom cartridges isn’t a priority, getting a MiSTer fully outfitted with dual analog/digital output and a RAM module will be significantly cheaper and offer support for many more cores:

…and, of course, there’s always the software emulation route that’s even cheaper, but will almost always result in a laggier experience.  While I’d prefer an FPGA “hardware emulation” setup, at least there’s options for everyone at every price point.

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