A Levelheaded Review Of The mCable Classic

Blunt opinion (Bob’s, not the RetroRGB team):  Based on how it’s marketed, it’s hard to take the original mCable seriously.  It, in fact, performs exactly as advertised and the gaming edition doesn’t add any lag that could possible effect gameplay (video proof below).

By Marseille Inc themselves’ own information, people should realize it’s a cable that doesn’t hurt the gaming experience and provides a scaling effect you may or may not like.  Basically:  Check it out yourself and see if your eyes feel it’s worth the money for the games you play.

Totally, completely fair.

So why is it hard to be taken seriously?  Marseille seems to capitalize on every clickbait opportunity possible to promote their cable.  The worst offender so far is the video showing it’s use with the Nintendo PlayStation.  That was both bizarre and pointless.  Their misleading tweets implying all you need is this cable and a GameCube to get 1440p HDMI were a bit insulting as well.

The worst offence (in my opinion) is their use of YouTube shillers making claims like a “faster than HDMI cable” to promote the cable.  I’m sure it seems like a good idea at first – I mean, who wouldn’t want hundreds of thousands of views on their product?  But now that they have a follow up product, all I can think about is all the false information surrounding their first product…and once again, false info that other people spread, not Marseille.

Well, at least Marseille had some sense this time around and included Modern Vintage Gamer in their list of reviewers.  He, as usual, provided an unbiased, levelheaded review of the cable and came to the same conclusion I did about the original:

At the end of the day, the number of games that it seemed to effect and really improve was really small for me.

Me too…but if those games are your favorites and you like the way the cable makes them look, maybe it’s worth $100 to you?  Check out MVG’s review below and brace yourself when the “what to watch next” shillers appear…


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