Capture Card Testing with the OSSC and MiSTer

Recently, SmokeMonster published an article detailing how to achieve 5x and 6x mode with MiSTer, and with the use of a Datapath Vision E1/E1S Capture Card, being able to record or stream lagless gameplay. But with the fact it’s aging hardware and the Amazon price is roughly $880, I wanted to look for other options. […]


OSSC Firmware v0.83 Released

Markus has just posted the latest firmware for the Open Source Scan Converter and added a long list of features:  Scanline updates and fixes – Overlay pattern customization feature – Fixed non-alternating mode with line4x interlace sources – Added half-interval option for pre-linedoubled sources Adv. timing option updates – Sampling phase made mode-specific – Horizontal […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

New Production Batch of OSSCs Available & In Stock

Webstore has received its next round of OSSCs (Open Source Scan Converters) and has restocked them for purchase online.  There are two prices to be aware of, one with and without “VAT” taxes.  166 EUR with VAT and 135 EUR without VAT as well as 3 optional extras.  Which are a multi region PSU […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

“Bootleg” OSSC report by

Website and reseller of the official Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) ( just released a blog post on their news portion of their site. goes over their policy and breakdown of the Chinese clone OSSC now available via multiple sources. wanted to make potential buyers of this cheaper clone version aware of […]