RGB Guide

Guide to Getting the best from your Retro Consoles

Here’s a reference page for everything you’ll need to get the best from your classic consoles.  Some things can be confusing, but stick with it, as it should all come together in the end!

Please note that this site is written by an American, so most of the references are to US-related stuff. I still tried to include worldwide-related info as much as I could.

So, are you ready to completely transform the way your old consoles look, just like the pic above???  Let’s get started!



RGB is the best signal you can get from most classic consoles.  In order to display your systems in RGB, you’ll at least need special cables and in some cases hardware modifications.  Then, you’ll need to choose how to display RGB, which could be anything from an RGB monitor to a new HDTV.  Finally, you’ll need a way to connect your system into your display.  I’ll explain all of that in easy guides, but I’ll save the section that describes each individual game console until the end:

1)  Introduction to RGB – If you’re not familiar with RGB, please read this page.

2)  SYNC – Everyone should read the section that describes what SYNC is.  Even people who are already familiar with RGB may find it useful!

3)  How to Display RGB on Your TV – Now that you understand RGB, you’ll need to decide what’s the best way for you to display it.  I recommend RGB monitors, but this section describes pretty much all your options.

4)  From SCART to Your Display – This section will provide the cables and connectors you’ll need to go from your RGB-outputting game system to your RGB display.

5)  RGB Switches – This section describes different options for SCART and other RGB switches, so you can use multiple consoles on the same display.

6)  Console Info & Mods – After you’re done with everything above, you can move along to the final section:  “Console Info & Mods”. This section goes into great detail for each console and explains the best way to get RGB from each system.  Make sure to bookmark this page, as it has almost everything you’d need for each system


I’ll have instructional videos out soon to hopefully make this less confusing, but for now I hope this guide pointed you in the direction that best fits your needs.  If you’re still unsure if you’d like to make the investment to use your consoles via RGB, maybe try finding a solution somewhere in the middle?  If nothing else, maybe just pick up a nice consumer-grade CRT, so at least you won’t have to worry about lag, upscaling or any custom adapters.

Please feel free to check out the other pages on this site, as there’s tons more retro-awesomeness to share!