Neo Geo AES / Neo Geo CD

All NeoGeo home systems output RGB without any modification, but there are mods available to improve the output.  You can also “consolize” MVS motherboards for home use.  Please read on for more information:

Both the Neo Geo and NGCD use similar RGB cables, with the only difference being the audio connections; Unfortunately, the multi-out on the back of the Neo Geo systems only provides mono audio, so much like the original Genesis, it’s recommended that you get an RGB cable that pulls audio from the separate outputs:

RGB Cables:

Neo Geo AES Stereo RGB Scart Cable  (UK Seller, select “stereo” option)

Neo Geo AES Stereo RGB SCART Cable (US Seller #1)

Neo Geo AES Stereo RGB Scart Cable  (US Seller #2)

Neo Geo CD & CDZ Stereo RGB Scart Cable  (UK Seller, select “stereo” option)

Neo Geo AES – RGB Bypass

Different revision Neo Geo AES systems output different quality video.  Ones with lower serial numbers have been found to output better quality video than later models and certain revisions (like the 3-6) are notorious for terrible video quality output!  You can get a much-improved picture from all model AES consoles by doing a “basic” RGB bypass:

Neo-Geo AES – Audio Bypass

Unfortunately, motherboard revisions 3-3 and 3-4 had flaws in their audio circuits, requiring a mod to bring it back up to quality.  Luckily, Firebrandx has a detailed guide with everything you need to restore high quality audio:

All other revision AES consoles have good quality audio and only require that you use the front audio jack to get high-quality stereo audio;  The cables linked above all have separate audio cables to address this issue.

Neo Geo CD

The NGCD systems all output good quality RGB video, however NGCD systems require a mod to get csync from the multi-out.  As long as you’re using good quality shielded cables, this shouldn’t effect quality and all you’ll need is one of the above cables.  If your target equipment requires csync (such as an Extron Crosspoint), you can perform mod to get a direct csync signal:


Consolized MVS Boards

There’s a bunch of cool projects that take MVS motherboards and make them into a “console”.  You could just attach a supergun and use them like every other arcade board, but there’s a few projects that really stand out as an excellent way to play MVS carts at home:

Open MVS:
Omega MVS:


Other NGCD Notes:

– If you’re installing a UniBIOS, these round DIP adapters are better quality than the flat ones:

– It’s common for both the laser and motor to wear out on NGCD systems.  I purchased a kit that has both and it works perfect.  Here’s a link, but check out the other parts they have for sale, in case you only need one:

– There’s a list of CD load times posted online, if anyone wants a reference.  I found my NGCD to actually load faster, but I have a brand new CDROM drive in it, so maybe that helps?

– There’s also a monitor test disc available for anyone looking to test their NGCD:


If you’d like info on mods for other systems, head to the Getting RGB From Each System page or check out the main page for more retro-awesomeness.