Other Gaming

Other Awesome Gaming Stuff

This page links to all the other pages on this site that might not directly relate to classic console mods, but are still relevant and might be interesting to anyone visiting.  I hope everyone checks them out.

ROM Carts

Put every game from your favorite console on one cartridge!



How to play older games on newer consoles and devices.

Retron 5

A page about the Retron 5 emulation console, including teardown and hacking.

iOS / Android Gaming

This page has information on iOS and Android game controllers, emulators and games.

Bluetooth Controllers

Info on bluetooth controllers for gaming consoles, as well as mobile gaming.  This page includes reviews of the 8BITDO controllers.

iCade Controllers

Before iOS added controller support, your only choice was the ‘iCade” protocol.  This page shows different iCade-compatible controllers, as well as iCade games.


Arcade / MAME

This page describes how to set up an arcade system with GUI.  There’s methods for both Windows PC’s and a Raspberry Pi.

Gaming Stations

This page shows different compact “gaming stations” I’ve built using a rolling cart with an RGB monitor.  They’re great for people with limited space.



Please feel free to check out the other pages on this site, as there’s tons more retro-awesomeness to share!  Also, if you haven’t read the RGB guide, I strongly recommend it to everyone who has even a small interest in retro gaming.