RetroN 1 HD

Hyperkin’s RetroN 1 HD

The RetroN1 is a NES clone console by Hyperkin that outputs 720p via HDMI.  It’s my guess that’s it’s a basic composite-video-to-HDMI chip, resulting in a terrible picture.

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Video Quality

Even though the video showed in detail everything that’s wrong with this clone console, I wanted to have a picture on the site as a reference for exactly how bad it is.  I compare it to the AVS from RetroUSB, as it’s the next-cheapest HDMI-based NES option available.  Click for full-sized:



Here’s some pictures of the insides.  Click for full-sized:



– It’s only $40
– Analog outputs are included

– Literally, everything else.
– This is speculation, but I’m pretty sure they took their old composite video NES clone and essentially stuck an HDMI chip in it.



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