iCade Mobile

iCade Mobile 

This controller is pretty much the same as the other iCade controllers:  The D-Pad and buttons feel good, lag is minimal, good construction.  Also, like I explained in the main iCade section, this also means it’s only compatible with software that has direct iCade support; It will not work as a standard bluetooth controller. 

There are a few things that make this controller stand out from the rest:

– The only devices that fit inside are iPhone 4S and smaller.  It won’t fit anything even slightly bigger, including new iPhone / iTouch systems, as well as most Android phones.

– It’s very heavy, compared to the other controllers I reviewed.  I actually like that it’s heavier and wish the Gametel was the same weight, but that’s totally a matter of preference.

– It supports portrait mode, which comes in handy for many games:

If you have an iPhone 4S (or older), or a comparable iTouch, this might be the perfect controller for you…especially if you play a lot of portrait mode games.

Please feel free to go back to the main iCade hardware page to see more iCade-compatible controllers.  Also, check out the main iOS / Android page for more info on games and software!