RetroTINK 4K In Stock May 18th

The most powerful, feature-filled scaler the gaming world has ever seen will be back in stock one week from today:  Saturday May 18th at 4PM NYC time!  The price is still $750 plus shipping and they’ll start shipping immediately.  This is the biggest batch yet, so there should be stock available.  If you’ve been waiting on these, you might want to jump on right when they launch, just in case they sell out again!  A detailed intro video is above and more info and alternatives below the links:

Purchase Here:
Other (cheaper!) RetroTINK Products:

The RT4K has only been out for a few months and it’s already received some pretty impressive updates.  I’ve been beta testing some new things coming up and it’s really neat to see this already-amazing scaler evolve!

Also, if the price is out of your budget, don’t worry, there’s plenty of cheaper options available;  The two videos below have you covered from free, all the way to the price of the RT4K:

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