The Sword Of Stone New Game Gear Game

The 2minds store is back open and with it comes a brand new Game Gear game from developer cireza: The Sword of Stone.  It’s essentially a visual novel, that allows you to roam around a world as several characters, throughout seven chapters. A demo of the first chapter is available for anyone who wants to try it out before purchasing.  More info below the links:

Purchase Here:
Download The Demo:

The 2minds store is known for selling quality cartridges for the Sega Master System, Mark II and Game Gear.  While I believe the only game available today that wasn’t previously released is Sword Of Stone, there’s a lot of great homebrew available in the store.  I streamed Voyage with St1ka awhile back, if you’d like to see what that game is like and I’ve heard Flight Of Pigarus is excellent as well:

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