BigPEmu v1.13

Rich Whitehouse just posted the latest public release of his awesome Atari Jaguar emulator, BigPEmu. This includes the Linux and ARM64 Windows versions that was recently made available to beta testers.  Even though this emulator is completely free, please consider supporting on Patreon, as our support is the only way projects like this can continue.  More info after the links:

Support Rich:
Public Download:

Here’s the full list of changes from when this was still a Patreon-only beta:

  • Fixed a problem which resulted in some of the built-in D3D12 shaders requiring Shader Model 6.0.
  • Added more logging for various D3D12 initialization failure cases.
  • New D3D12 video plugin. The shader tool has also been updated and supports generating DXIL.
  • New Windows ARM64 builds. Less frequently used platform-dependent functionality may remain unimplemented on this platform.
  • Added a Blitter capture feature for developer builds. See the “blitcap” debugger command.
  • Various minor cross-platform fixes which came along with the new port/backend work.

If you’d like to hear more from Rich, please check out the interview we did awhile back!  You can watch it here, or just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Whitehouse”:

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