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Yumimi Mix Remix Fan Translation Released for SEGA Saturn!

As if the Ogre Battle English Translation wasn’t enough, we get a DOUBLE WHAMMY ON THE SAME DAY! Supper on the SEGA Xtreme forums shadow dropped a fan translation for the game Yumimi Mix Remix on the SEGA Saturn, a 1995 port of the original Yumimi Mix on Mega/SEGA-CD.

This game is a visual novel where you play the high schooler Yumimi, interacting with her friends Sakurako and Shinichi while the world around you starts to become very.. strange… The game was worked on by both Game Arts (Behind the Gun Griffon, Lunar, and Grandia series), and manga artist Izumi Takemoto (Behind Aoi-chan Panic!, Neko Mēwaku, and several other legendary manga series.).

(Photo Credits: Supper)

This game pretty much has the feel of watching an anime series on your Saturn, but with interactive elements throughout the game. Not only did Supper do a full translation of the game, but also added options to partially or completely disable subtitles, skip unimportant scenes, and even to show/hide Japanese honorifics.

Options menu implementation by Supper (Photo Credits: Supper)

Currently, there is no SSP patch for said game, but you’ll have several different options in order to do so with the included scripts. Below is a list provided in the README from worst to best:

A. Directly patch a single-file Redump-verified BIN or IMG image
B. Directly patch a multi-track Redump-verified BIN image
C. Automatically patch a BIN or IMG image via binpatch.bat
D. Automatically patch an ISO+WAV+CUE image via isopatch.bat
E. Manually patch

You can download the patch and read more info about the game’s translation here.

Big thanks again to Supper and their tester cccmar for making this happen! I’m glad we’re getting not only major releases, but obscure gems like this.

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