Two New 3D Printed OSSC Enclosures

The Open Source Scan Converter is one of the greatest tools to ever be introduced to the retro gaming world, as it provides a versatile and lag-free way to digitize classic consoles.  In fact, one of the only “complaints” I’ve heard over the years is that there weren’t any different-style replacements cases available.  Well, now there’s two!:

LaserBear case, $30:
RetroFrog case, $20:

The LaserBear case is reminiscent of Greg’s original RetroTINK 2x case, with 3D printed button extenders that access the OSSC’s input buttons.  There’s also a removable plastic door for access to the JTAG port; Something not many people need, but it’s nice to have handy.

Todd went a for a more “open” design with his RetroFrog case, adding cutouts for access to the buttons, as well as vent holes on the top and bottom.

Both seem like a great choice and should fit most people’s desire for a fun, different style case!

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