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Tie Fighter Total Conversion Project V1.0 Launch

The Tie Fighter Total Conversion Project (TFTC) Mod for the Star Wars game, X-Wing Alliance (XWA) has now officially been released on  This total conversion is based off the original Tie Fighter game released 27 years ago this month in July of 1994.  Unique for its time, Tie Fighter gave players a different perspective in Star Wars. Fighting for the Galactic Empire instead of the Rebel Alliance.  Giving the burgeoning Expanded Universe a much greater nuance.

For its time, Tie Fighter saw amazing success which in turn helped to propel LucasArts into its Golden Era of incredible Star Wars releases.  Follow up titles included the more multiplayer focused X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (XvT) and then the last title released in the “X-Wing” line, X-Wing Alliance.  During this period Tie Fighter would receive a small make over with a Windows 95/98 release utilizing the improved art assets and engine from XvT.  However the game lost its iconic interactive MIDI music playback when the game went with Red Book audio over LucasArts’ legendary iMUSE MIDI system.  An experience which many LucasArts fans hold sacred. 

Fast forward some 25 plus years later and Tie Fighter’s legacy carries on with many still regarding it as one of the best Star Wars if not PC games ever made.  Yet it and many of its siblings have lacked any true successor.  Electronic Arts recently attempted Star Wars Squadrons as an homage to X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and while it was a worthy attempt. It lacked the feel and soul of the older titles.  Thankfully Tie Fighter as well as many of the other Star Wars titles of that era were re-released digitally via sites like GoG and Steam in the 2010’s.  These digital releases utilize DOSBox, a DOS OS emulator to function as a backend on modern computer operating systems.  Allowing players to play these games without having to find and use vintage computer hardware.

However games like Tie Fighter have truly deserved more.  Like an actual and proper remaster in a day and age where other popular classics are getting the same treatment.  As such Tie Fighter seemed to be forever stuck as a relic of time in that Golden Era of DOS Gaming. 

That is until today, where players can now enjoy a more modern take on the LucasArts masterpiece via a total conversion mod for X-Wing Alliance.  Thanks in part to the amazing people of the Tie Fighter Total Conversion Project, we now have a chance to enjoy a Remastered version of Tie Fighter.  Working in conjunction with the XWA community and the wonder X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project.  Fans will be able to partake in both a classic mode, which is as true to the original game as possible as well as a new reimagined mode, that expands the game play of the original missions to whole new Star Wars levels of experience. 

While this release of the TFTC project is still a work in progress.  The team will continue to bring balance/bug fixes, as well as update releases further down the road.  The initial version 1.0 release contains the first 8 campaign battles for reimagined mode, out of the 13 from the full game (Tie Fighter and its 2 expansions).  Classic mode however will release complete with all 13 battles fully ready to play.  The total conversion is a visual overhaul leaning heavily on the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project, and any long time followers of the XWA modding scene will recognize some of the big names who have been present for 20 plus years.
TFTC is a mod which requires XWA.  XWA can be purchased from websites like GoG or Steam and is not a fully stand alone product.  It is recommended that you watch Project Lead Angel’s Tutorial video as there are a number of steps and options that will be presenting when installing the exact version you want to play.  Links will be down below to tutorials, downloads and more.
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Several TFTC Team Members Showcasing the Mod: