Super Punch Out 2 Player Mode Discovered After 28 Years

Unlisted Cheats on Twitter appears to be the first to have found a hidden mode in 1994’s Super Punch Out. The codes unlock both a Singles Match Mode as well as a 2 Player Mode where the Super Punch Out opponents can be controlled by the second controller. It has been confirmed to work on FX Pak Pro and was tested by yours truly on MiSTer. It should be available in all versions of the game.

This is apparently a known method for cheats or unlockables in Super Punch Out, but if you’re not familiar, here is how we got it working.

Plug in a controller into 1P and 2P. At the title screen press and hold 2P R+Y. While continuing to hold this, Press 1P Start.

This will bring you to the singles match character select screen. On P1, use the Dpad to select the fighter for Player 2.

Hold 2P Y+B and while continuing to hold, Press 1P Start. Continue to hold Y+B.

Your mileage may vary, as I was using a MiSTer FPGA for this test, but only by continuing to hold 2P Y+B through this “Push Start” screen was I able to turn on the 2 Player versus mode.

And that’s it. You can repeat this to experiment with the boss characters across all Circuits. They even have special moves available to them, not normally available to Mac.

There are various button combinations to discover, and the Super Punch Out community will probably be busy gathering that information over the next few days. Expect to see more of these exciting developments soon!
Thanks to Summoning Salt, Unlisted Cheats, bitinkstudios, and Gong Xian The Opponent, all on twitter. Special thanks to Robbie Dorman for the tip.
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