Sharpening the Wii’s Output

Wobbling Pixels recently released a video that shows you how to sharpen the video output from your Wii, using only software – No hardware mods needed!  Of all the methods shown, some are preference-based like getting more detail when running in 4:3 mode, but others are actual FIXES, like disabling the deflicker filter when not needed and applying the 480p bugfix to compatible consoles.

Wii Component Video Cables:
Check out more Wii-related info here:
mClassic / mCable:
4K Gamer Pro:

It’s my opinion that ALL of these fixes are worth considering.  You may decide it doesn’t matter to you…or this might be a game-changer!  I’d also suggest using whatever equipment you game with the most, as each display or scaler might have different results.  For example, if you’re playing via composite video on a consumer TV, some things like the deflicker filter might actually be a good thing.  And if you’re playing in 480p on a CRT, some post-processing effects might look better depending on the game.  And if you’re using a RetroTINK 5x, you can try it’s smoothing filters and CRT masks to see how that looks with and without the fixes.

…or what about running it through the TINK or OSSC…and then into an mClassic for smoothing, or 4K Gamer Pro for sharpening???  Basically, these are all awesome and probably worth any big fan of the Wii’s time to check out!

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