Vanessa (Vanessaira)

SD2SNES (FXPAK) Unofficial Firmware Update 1.10.3

An unofficial firmware update for the SD2SNES (FX Pak) has been released by Matheus aka FURiOUS.  A software developer and a world record speed runner.  He recently announced on his github page where the files and details for this firmware are located.  As well as information on how to use the new save and loadstate abilities for this amazing rom cart.

Intended to work for both the original SD2SNES and the Pro model.  These features, unofficially add a long requested function to the device that has long been a mainstay of software based emulation.  Working with and/or receiving assistance from RedGuy and Vitor Vilela, FURiOUS was able to get this firmware going, and the base features are listed as follows:

  1. Built-in Savestates without PC connection/patch
  2. New Menu Settings:
    • Enable/disable savestates
    • Enable/disable savestate slots
    • Loadstate delay (frames)
  3. Default Inputs for Save/Load and Slots in config.yml
  4. Custom Inputs for Save/Load for specific games in savestate_inputs.yml
  5. Savestates are stored in the SD (sd2snes/states)

FURiOUS does not know if there are still bugs and known issues present.  These primarily involve games that are utilizing special chips, ie SA1, SuperFX1/2, CX4 etc.  As well as issues with saving or loading roms that may causing the rom cart to crash.  Users may also experience issues with regard to music playback and the music getting out of sync or caught in a playback loop. Lastly the savestate function does not work with “In Game Hooks” so this feature must be disabled.  Links are listed down below.



FURiOUS github  |

FURiOUS Site  |