Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Scuf Customization Controller Up for Pre Order

The Scuf Gaming Company has pre orders up for the Scuf Prestige Xbox Controller.  This is a PC and Android compatible Xbox controller that allows customers to fully customize their controller to that which is similar to the Microsoft (MS) branded first party “Elite” controller.  Sharing many features and options to that of the MS Elite, the notable include the abilities to choose your colors for the thumb sticks, rings, buttons, and overall controller color face.  Options to forego the rumble motor are present as well as the inclusion of a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The Scuf branded Prestige, has Scuf’s rubber grips as well as options to set analog trigger pull lengths, locking positions, and customizable paddle triggers to set user specific button combinations.  Scuf includes just two additional analog sticks with purchase for interchanging out as well as braided USB cables for recharging and wired play.  While the MS Elite controller comes with all the parts and options to build and interchange your controller at will.  Scuf’s website does not seem to indicate what manor or type of “additional sticks” are included in the box.  Marketing images show one concave and one domed set.  However going through the custom process lets buyers choose the height and stick shape, but no FAQ or clear information can be discerned from the product page about the “additional sticks” height, shape, etc.  Potential buyers should take note.

Prices start at $159.95 however when any of the custom options are chosen the price increases.