Retro World Expo Podcast Roundup (Pt2)

Here’s part 2 of the compilation podcast featuring some of the awesome guests of Retro World Expo.  While the chats were equally as fun as pt1, nature and battery life started to take it’s toll:  The sky blackened and we were getting tornado warnings on our phone, my lav mic cut out during the end of Dustin’s interview, then the second lav cut out at the end of the chat with Chris, leaving just the boom mic.  Also, I’d been recording from about 10:30AM till 7PM, so I was getting a bit loopy.  LOL, so, basically, it’s exactly as if you slid over a chair and were there hanging out with us, technical issues and all!  I really hope you enjoy these regardless of audio issues and get to know these awesome guests a bit more!  Timestamps and links are below:

01:28  Greg:
33:00  Todd:
50:58  Dustin:
58:27  Chris:
1:10:32  Esteban:
1:23:39  Dan:

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