SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

SHIRO! EDITOR’S CORNER PODCAST – EP 19: Chat with Audi Sorlie

Join SHIRO! for a chat with Audi Sorlie of Limited Run Games talking SEGA Saturn, NEC PC-98, Japanese Visual Novels, Digital Foundry, game music composition, physical media & the current state of the games industry and several other retro gaming topics! Podbean Version:

SaturnDave (Sega Saturn, SHIRO!)

Talking Games & DF Retro with John Linneman

SHIRO! sat down with John Linneman of Digital Foundry for the first of (hopefully many more) retro gaming conversations. We talk beginnings at Digital Foundry, the creation of his Retro Series, favorite consoles & games and several interesting graphics & performance idiosyncrasies of the 32-Bit consoles. While this chat didn’t get too far into the […]


Discussing Video Conversion with Simon Aarons

I recently had an audio-only discussion/podcast with Simon Aarons, creator of the Brovicon Video Converter.  We discussed how the software works, why it’s so helpful that he made a graphical front-end to existing software…and just chatted about video conversion.  If you’ve ever wanted to convert video you’ve recorded or ripped, this will most likely interest […]