Neo SD Pro MVS Version Released

Terraonion has just released the MVS version of their Neo SD Pro ROM cart.  The price after shipping to the US came to around $660 and it comes with just the ROM cart and case like the AES version.  Please note that shipping and taxes will be based on your location:

According to a tweet from their official account, this is apparently going to be the only production run of MVS “Pro” carts.  If you’re interested in using an original MVS arcade cabinet, or a consolized MVS motherboard, this ROM Cart is the most fully-featured available at the moment.  It’s not cheap though, so unless you’re interested in Neo Geo CD support, the other options available are much lower priced.

It’s also worth mentioning that a full MiSTer setup, including dual analog + HDMI output and the largest RAM module available today will cost less than any of the Neo Geo ROM cart’s on the market.  If you’re just looking for a lag-free way to play Neo Geo games, that’s something you’ll definitely want to look into.  If you prefer original hardware though, all of these carts are a great choice.

Here’s links to all the currently available Neo Geo ROM carts, as well as videos below that might help you choose which is the best fit for you:

Neo SD Pro AES w/Neo Geo CD Supprt

Neo SD Pro MVS w/Neo Geo CD Support

Darksoft’s Multi MVS
Darksoft’s Multi AES

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