MiSTer News Update – PSX sound, new arcade cores and more

Hello everyone, my name is Lu from Lu’s Retro Source.  I run a YouTube channel where I talk about the MiSTer FPGA project and other Retrogaming topics. I would like to thank Bob for inviting me to post my MiSTer updates here on RetroRGB. I hope you enjoy these updates and here is my first post.

The beginnings of sound for the Playstation MiSTer core is being realized. Robert Peip, the developer of the core, also uses a software emulator to help with the development of his MiSTer FPGA core. In his software emulator he now has 24 channel SPU sound working. This will help with implementing sound for the actual FPGA Core.

Tweet about sound:
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MiSTer Core developer Jotego has released a beta core of the arcade Robocop game to his patreon subscribers. The core is based on his Bad Dudes core since those games ran on the same hardware.

MiSTer FPGA forum thread:

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Jotego also just released another beta core for Konami’s Super Basketball. This game was the predecessor to Double Dribble that would eventually be ported to the NES and become a classic for it.


A new arcade core for MiSter has been released. This core is for the arcade game Subs by Atari, and it was ported to MiSTer by alanswx and JasonA.

Core’s Github:

There have also been fixes to several cores and more improvements to Shadow Masks.

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Also, if you would like to know more about me, check out the below video for an interview I did with the Zez Retro YouTube channel.