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Sega Touring Car Leaderboards Back Online!

Xiden, one of the brains behind bringing Saturn NetLink play back online over VoIP has just brought back the online features for a game that many folks may not have even realized was NetLink compatible! That’s right. Sega Touring Car Championship had several NetLink features built in, yet Sega (in true Sega fashion) did a terrible job letting anyone know…

>> Original Thread hosted on Dreamcast-Talk Forums <<

Here’s a list of the features that Xiden has brought back:

  • Online Leaderboards
  • Online Website
  • Translated Japanese to English
  • Tricks/Tips
  • Archived Messageboard (planning to add a bb in dreampipe for STCC)

“Special thanks to Shuouma for helping Xiden get the in game email forwarding setup for this game and to Dave for providing a well intact backup of the STCC site to work with!” – Xiden

You can access this website from your Sega Touring Car Championship Game automatically with Dreampi, or directly with your computer by going to


1. STCC Game
2. Saturn NetLink Modem
3. DreamPi
4. Copy of PlanetWeb 3.0 or better for Sega Saturn
If you need a browser, download PlanetWeb v4.0 here


1. Setup your Dreampi, if you are unfamiliar with what a Dreampi is or how to setup it up watch this video by PCWzrd13! (Settings will be the same when setting up a Sega Saturn, just use the Saturn browser instead of course)

2. Setup email on Dreampi and PlanetWeb 3.0 using this guide by PCWzrd13 There is a bonus to setting up your email on Sega Saturn as you will now be able to trade/backup save files via email attachments!

3. Boot Sega Touring Car Championship, select Arcade Side, then select Records. Press Y button to access internet. Choose 2nd Option that pops up.

4. Select “Setup” on the next screen.

5. Select Provider and add the following info if its not there already:
Telephone: 111-1111
USER ID: dream
Password: dreamcast
DNS (primary):
DNS (secondary):


6. Select Mail Settings and add the following info:
Name: Your email username
Email Address: Your gmail address
Receiving Mail Server Host Name: This should be same as Pop3/Smpt IP you entered for planetweb 3.0



1. To submit a score you’ll need to have the best time on your game for Arcade Mode/2Laps/Normal

  • You should see a password below your score to know you qualify to upload.

2. Press Y To submit score choose 1st option that pops up, the connection and submission will happen automatically. Wait for for game to return you to main menu.

3. Next you’ll need to run planetweb 3.0 or better, and open up the email section. Send an email to and attach the file TOURINGC_01 then send the email. The DreamPi will reroute to the proper system. Note: This step is a temporary work around until the password system is completely reversed, but you must complete it for your score to be registered at this time.


To participate in the 3 special global events leaderboards you’ll need to do the following

Change the date within your Saturn to the following, enter Saturn Mode and select Global Net Event:

December 25, 1997 – Winter Holiday
February 13, 1998 – Hit and Run Mode (you need to hit every cone)
March 31st, 1998 – April Foul (avoid oncoming cars)

Podcast Interview with Joe (SegaRPGfan) regarding NetLink over VoIP:

Example of NetLink over VoIP gameplay:

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