MiSTer FPGA News & Updates – New Public Jotego Cores, PSX Filtering, 32X Sound Fix & More

Sega 32X Sound Fix

The Sega 32X core received an update that fixes PWM audio playing too fast and noise in some games.

New Turkey Shoot Arcade Core

A core for the arcade game Turkey Shoot has been released.  It was originally written by darfpga and ported to MiSTer by birdybro. Released in 1984 by Williams, in Turkey Shoot, a third of the world’s population have been transformed into killer Turkeys. You take the role of a Turkey Terminator to get rid of these turkeys. The arcade cabinet had a gun mount, similar to Operation Wolf.

PSX Core Updates

The PlayStation core has added texture filtering to smooth out the look of the textures. It’s optional and it doesn’t make heavy use of it so I think it does a good job of cleaning things up while also keeping that PlayStation look and best of all it’s free of any performance cost. The feature wont work well in all cores so you will have to test it out in each game to see how it works. Don’t expect to see perspective correction because it has been stated by the developer that the cost is too high for the MiSTer.

Two motor rumble support is working for the PS4 and PS5 controllers. The developer only has a PS5 controller to test with so he can’t say if other controllers work.

The release of the core looks to be iminent as the developer has mention it should be coming out in May.

There’s also a great website that Robert Peip pointed out that has great info on the PSX core. Hosted on, it has instructions on how to set it up, how to automatically update the unstable beta, info on the status of features and a lot more.

Jotego Releases New Cores to the Public

Jotego has taken his arcade cores, based on the DECO hardware, out of beta and released them to the public. The games Jotego was working on and based on this system are: 

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja
Midnight Resistance
Heavy Barrel
Sly Spy
Boulder Dash
And Birdie Try

You can obtain these cores by either downloading them manually from Jotego’s jtbin github or running the update_all script. Links will be in the description.

Develop Your Own MiSTer Core

MiSTer Retro Wolf has posted episode 12 of his MiSTer Core development series. This episode involves the Display and CPU and you are shown how to get a test screen going. The entire series will help you to develop a Namco arcade core for the MiSTer FPGA.

CRT Wiki Officially Added to MiSTer Github

A CRT Guide for MiSTer has been posted on the official GitHub. It’s still a work in progress but has stil has useful information. Below are some of the topics it discusses


Modeline Creation Guide

If you want to dial in exact settings for you CRT for a core you can use MiSTer modelines. For example, you can add a modeline to the MiSTer ini that let’s you get the AO486 work with a CRT or PVM. Thorr, has a CRT modeline creation guide that can help you create your own modelines for your specfic setup.

MiSTer Games Menu

If you don’t want to manually create separate MiSTer Game Launcher files for your entire library of games, user wizzo on the MisterFPGA forums has posted a new script that will create a new games folder that will list all the games in your library and let you launch them directly. Doing this way will save you the extra step of launching a core first.