MiSTer FPGA News – The Simpsons, Nintendo 64, Super Off-Road & More

1Konami SCC Schematics

Core developer Raki has fully extracted schematics for the Konami SCC chip.
This chip was used in the MSX, but Raki also mentions that this could be used for a City Bomber or Haunted Castle core.


MiSTex and Other MiSTer Port

sy2002 on GitHub is working on porting MiSTer cores to the Mega65. The Mega65 is a complete 8bit computer running around 40x faster than a C64 while still remaining highly compatible. It runs on the Xilinx Artix 100T FPGA.

Hans Baier, who’s working on the MiSTex project says that this work will be very useful for MiSTex, which is also doing lot of work to port cores to Xilinx.


Gamer-PRO Advanced

Ultimatemister is now selling the GamerPro Advanced adapter. This is a USB device that has the ability of being able to plug in original console controllers via an HDMI port on the adapter itself.

There are adapters for
NeoGeo DB15, 5200, Famicom DB15
NEC Turbografx
NEC PCEngine Mini Din
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Saturn
Sega / Atari / Commodore DB9
Sony Playstation
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo NES
Nintendo NES / SNES Mini
Nintendo N64
Bandai Atmark Pippin (SVideo)
Atari Jaguar
Nintendo SNES / SFC Cable
Vectrex Cable

The main adapter features
-Upgradable firmware;
-Xinput and HID support;
-Fixed USB 1mS Poll rate;
-USB 2.0 High Speed;
-True Force Feedback Ready;
-No rumble fix needed



Some people are using RFID tags to automatically run games on MiSTer. They’ve even printed cards that have the logo’s of the games they want to run. It works by taking the card, tapping it to an RFID reader and then MiSTer will execute the game that was printed on the card.


Remote script update

Wizzo updated the remote script to fix an issue where the u-boot.txt file would break when you set a MAC address and enable fast USB polling. Another issue where arrow keys weren’t working was also fixed. Just run the update all script to with MiSTer Extensions enabled to get the latest version.


Experimental UI

Wizzo has made his experimental UI for MiSTer public, so if you want to check it out you can head over to GitHub and download it.

It’s currently very barebones and the direction is going to take is still unknown. All you can do right now is browse the screen shots you’ve taken in each core.


Custom Console Boot Roms

uberyoji on githhub their custom boot roms for MiSTer. These are ROM’s that can be used as splash screens when loading a core.

TurboGrafx 16/PC Engine
Master System

There is also a Gameboy Advance ROM currently in development.


Nintendo 64



Super Offroad

Looks like Pierco is taking on a Super Offroad arcade core. Right now he’s working off schematics but needs some missing PAL dumps. If you can help Pierco obtain a PCB please contact him on twitter.


The Simpsons

Jotego posted a video on twitter teasing us that the Simpson core is coming soon. The video doesn’t show any gameplay but you can hear the insert coin voices of each family member.