MiSTer FPGA News – Smash TV, NARC, Chelnov, Tiger Heli & More

Irem M92 Documentation

Wickerwaka is currently documenting the Irem M92 hardware. He mentions that he has a good understading of the M92 A board, excluding sound, and plans to document the GA21 & 22 pins. This doesn’t mean a core is coming soon, but the documentation process is very important for getting a core up and running.

The M92 hardware runs games like R-Type Leo, In The Hunt, Ninja Baseball Batman and many more.

You can also check out wickerwacka’s already released core based on Irem’s M72 hardware that can run R-Type, Ninja Spirit and more.


Arcade Joystick with Spinner

Antonio Villena, a vendor of MiSTer products, is selling a low latency (0.74ms) USB arcade joystick that has a built-in spinner. This is a cool way to save space if you also enjoy games that use a spinner.

It has an 8-way Sanwa joystick and 10 Sanwa buttons.
The spinner has an aluminum knob and a 600P/R optical rotary encoder.

The spinner has been tested with the following MiSTer cores:

Pop’n’Bounce (NeoGeo)
Arkanoid (NES)
Flying Hero (NES),
Atari 2600/7800

The controller costs 200 euros.


MiSTer Addons Reflex Adapter

MiSTer Addons has been working on an adapter, he calls Reflex, that allows you to connect multiple original controllers over USB. A feature being added to the adapter is the ability for the dial in Namco’s JogCon to send button commands instead of axis movements. This should allow you to use the dial with games that play better with a spinner.

You can see a demonstration of this feature on MiSTer Walrus FPGA’s YouTube channel with a pre-release version of the adapter.


Xain’d Sleena

The Xain’d Sleena core is getting an update to not require the use of two cores when using the 60Hz option. The developer was able to come up with a much more user-friendly solution that doesn’t require the user to touch anything related to the SDRAM.


Playstation Core

A new official release of the PSX core has been released. New features include:
– black out display for 3 frames on screen transition(optional, default on). For games that switch resolutions, garbled graphics may appear during that swith, this will instead show some black frames.
– starting a game with any unsafe option on will now trigger a warning instead of the normal region hint/

There were also a lot fixes and some games affected by these fixes are:
– Internal Section
– Final Fantasy Tactics
– Primal Rage
– Simple Series Billard
– Alien Resurrection
– Grandia
– Aconcagua


More Alpha Denshi Arcade Releases

Darren__O has added some new games to the Alpha Denhsi core. The games are Time Soldiers and Sky Soldiers. Use update all with CoinOp Collection enabled to get the updated core.



Jotego released a new core for the arcade game Chelnov. It’s a beta now, so it’s only available to Patreon members at the moment.

NARC & Smash TV

Core developer pram0d, who has brought us the Raizing core, is working on cores for NARC and Smash TV. At the moment the CPU is 90% done.

pram0d also has a technical article regarding the hardware.


Tiger Heli & Slap Fight

Anton Gale has released cores for the arcade games Slap Fight & Tiger Heli. There are also plans to bring the rest of the games that run on the same hardware.

Jotego Updates

Over the next few weeks, Jotego plans to release several cores and also fix some issues with older cores. So far, we’ve gotten the beta Chelnov core and some fixes to 1943 and Gun Smoke.

Jotego also has a summary of all that was accomplished by his team in 2002 on Patreon.

Crazy Blocks (Arcade)

Core developer pierco has released a beta core for Crazy Blocks to his Patreon subscribers, however you are still able to compile the source yourself if you pull it from pierco’s github.

Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Mike’s System 16 Y/C Cores
Improved Filtering for MGL files
MiSTer Main updates
Neo Geo
Atari 2600/7800