MiSTer FPGA News – Nintendo 64, Splatterhouse, MARSFPGA & More


New Ranny Snice Wallpaper

Ranny Snice released a new wallpaper for the MiSTerFPGA. This one is a high resolution image of the boxart for the Super Nintendo version of Street Fighter II. You can enable Ranny’s wallpapers in the UpdateAll script settings.



Anton Gale has gone through the code for the Exerion core and added a cocktail cabinet mode and also re-coded a lot of the core. I don’t think these updates are officially available yet but it’s alway good to see older cores getting fixes and new features.



The MarsFPGA project has announced some of the members of the team. The first member to be announce is Wizzo who has brought us a lot of useful scripts for the MiSTerFPGA and he is now working on the MarsFPGA GUI.

Another member of the team is Fixel. Fixel is the creator of the FreeDO 3DO emulator and the DCX dreamcast emulator and is working on Dreamcast and Naomi for Mars.

Todd, the founder of RetroFog store is also part of the MarsFPGA team and designed an injected molded case that will come as standard.

Price for MARSFPGA will cost $699.99 and it will come with an injection-molded case, as well as JAMMA connectors, analog display out, and does 4k60 digital out. All out of the box.
We also got confirmation that a core for the IGS PolyGame Master is being worked on. This is arcade hardware from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that runs many beat-em ups, shooters, fighters and more.


Updated NFC Reader

Wizzo showed off a prototype NFC board from RetroCastle. This board is much smaller than the ones you can get off Amazon and Ali Express. It will give you a lot more flexibility on where you can integrate an NFC reader to.


Nintendo 64

Along with getting more games working, antialiasing and dedithering have been implemented on the Nintendo 64 core. Antialiasing will smooth out the edges of polygons, and will smooth out the dithering present in some cases.

Divot was also added to the core. This mostly fixes up artifacts that are caused from antialiasing.



Jotego mentions that the Namco System 1 core should get Splatterhouse up and running soon. All the circuitry is hooked up and the four CPU’s boot up and execute code. However the core locks up at the moment and needs more debugging.


RF Adapter

MiSTerAddon’s Relfex RF adapter is now available for sale. This will allow you to connect a composite output to a television that only has RF input. This can be paired with Composite svideo adapters designed by Mike Simone.



Lemon San posted that release candadite 1 of the Nemesis arcade core is now available. Updates include corrected audio and the latest MiSTer framework was implemented.
Since it’s not a stable release, you will have to enable unofficial cores in update all to obtain this core.


Reflex Adapt

The next batch of MiSTer Addon’s Reflex Adapt adapter, is schedule for November.

Work is being done to add Xinput, Switch and PS3 compatibility.
The average N64 latency also decreased to 1.05 milliseconds.
The adapter will also be available in multiple colors.

Head over to the product page to sign up and be notified when it goes on sale.