MiSTer FPGA News – Neo Geo CD, Saturn, Irem M92 & More

Neo Geo CD

paulb-nl is woking on Neo Geo CD support for MiSTer. It is in the very early stages, but it can load CD images now. An unstable build of MiSTer main is also required and you can obtain it and the test core by heading over to the MiSTer Discord or visiting the MiSTer FPGA forums.

Playstation Core

A new release of the Playstation core is available. The notable feature for this release is the ability to allow a real controller plugged in via SNAC, use a virtual memory card on the same slot. The OSD for the menu system will give you the option to select a real or virtual memory card when SNAC is enabled.

Another notable feature is support for using the paddles as a negcon steering axis and spinner for mouse and there were also other fixes and changes.


Sega Saturn

srg320 posted info on the changes being made to the Saturn core’s CD Block. There is a significat problem with the CD block that is preventing some games from starting up. Games like Akumajou Dracula X, Worldwide Soccer ’98 and others.


Jotego Updates

On Patreon Jotego has made changes to his development workflow to more easily maintain and update cores. This includes consolidating all the source code for the cores into a single repository.

There were some side effects that affected System 16B games and Jotego has a post on Patreon detailing everything. Two cores did get some partial updates. 1942 and GunSmoke.

Irem M92 Updates

Core developer Wickerwaka finished the pinout for the GA20 chip in the Irem M92 hardware. The GA20 is part of the sound system and handles sample playback. The Irem M92 hardware runs games like Ninja Baseball Batman and R-Type Leo.