MiSTer FPGA News – N64, Sega Saturn, TMNT, Battletoads & More

RF Adapter by MiSTerAddons

MiSTerAddons’ video’s that reveal a custom composite video to RF adapter for MiSTerFPGA, which should please CRT owners with only RF connections. The tweet showcases the adapter’s video quality, though it’s still in development with improvements planned for the audio trap portion in the next PCB revision.


Interview with MiSTex Developer

MiSTex is a fork of MiSTer with the goal of being able to use whatever FPGA chip you want. The developer Hans Baier, has been interiewed by Bob from RetroRGB on YouTube.
It’s a very informative interview that goes over the history, technical details and more.


Bandai’s Supervision 8000

Flandango released a new console core for Bandai’s Super Vision 8000.

Also known as the TV Jack 8000, it was a home video game console released by Bandai in 1979. It had controllers similar to the intellivision, minus the side buttons. It also had a library of only 7 games.


Nichibutsu’s My Vision Game System

Flandango also released a core for Nichibutsu’s My Vision Game System. This was a console that was only released in Japan in 1983. It was dedicated to offering video game adaptations of popular board games and featured a limited library of just six games.



Hans Baier also gave an update on MiSTex. He’s gotten HDMI video and the video scaler working on the Terasic DECA board. The twitter post announcing this also shows the MiSTer menu being displayed.


Sega Saturn

srg320 has committed a huge update to the Sega Saturn core. There’s been lots of fixes to the CD, the CPU, VDP1, VDP2 and the SCU.


Battletoads Arcade

On top of working on the Saturn core, srg320 is also working on a core for the arcade game Battletoads, a three player beat’em up game. A test core is available for download.


KiKi Kaikai Core

Core developer Raki is going to start researching work for a Kiki Kaikai core. It’s an overhead multidirectional shooter. This game also spawned the Pocky & Rocky series.

Raki is only gathering information at this point so that should involve getting schematics, looking up datasheets and others thing in preparation for development.


Williams Y-Unit & Z-Unit

The work that Pramod has been doing for NARC will also include both the Williams Y and T Unit boards. He’s also solved most if not all FPGA limitations so now efforts can be put to getting the core to run on MiSTer.


Nintendo 64

Roberts secret core is a Nintendo 64 core. Right now only a software emulator exists and we are warned that the CPU will most likely not work at it’s full speed. There are ideas on how to optimize things for the DE10 Nano.
He also posted a small update on twitter on how he’s getting more familiar with the N64’s RDP features.


Haunted Castle

Jotego has announced a beta release for Haunted Castle, an arcade game set in the Castlevania universe.



Adam Gastineau has announced that they are working on a new core for the MiSTerFPGA. This core is for the Tamagotchi toys. Tamagotchis were handheld toys that allowed you to take care of a virtual pet. You had to feed, play, and do other things you would with real pets, or your pet could become unhappy and even die.


Irem M92 Core Released

Wickerwacka has officially released the Irem M92 core, so you can get it by just updating your MiSTer.
No more manually downloading or using alternate scripts.


Jaleco Mega System 1

Darren has provided some updates to the Jaleco Mega System 1 core. Scrolling seems to be working and most of the tile and sprite system is done.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles core is almost ready for a beta release. What needs to be fixed first is some SDRAM access fighting during the intro sequence. Looks like the music is the cause of this.