MiSTer FPGA News – $99 DE10 Nano in July? FPGA Game Boy Color & More


MiSTer Case

Todd from Retro Frog showed off some 3D designs and picutres for his next MiSTer Case design. It makes your MiSTer setup look like a console and resembles the NEC Core Grafx system.


FPGA Gameboy Color

The creator of the Oculus Rift VR headset, Palmer Luckey, has developed a new FPGA based gameboy color. Called the Chromatic, it features:

Compatibility with Game Boy, Game Boy Color
160×144 pixel sunlight readable backlit display
FPGA based emulation
USB Video out
Magnesium alloy shell
24 hour battery life

It will cost $200 and be bundled with Tetris. You can pre-order it online now and shipping is set for Christmas of this year. It will also be available at GameStop retail stores around the same time.


NegCon Rumble on PSX Core

If you own a Namco NegCon, then you will be happy to know that the Playstation core now supports rumble when using a NegCon. The NegCon is a motion based controller that allows players to twist it to perform actions on screen. It was mainly supported in racing games because of how natural the controller works with them.


Amigavision updates

The AmigaVision project has been updated. Updates include:

-Updated version of Castlevania AGA
-Turrican 3 supports full set of CD32 buttons
-Sensible World of Soccer fixes
-And more

Amigavision is a project that makes it easier to load and run Amiga games. It works on the MiSTerFPGA, Analogue Pocket and real hardware.


DE10 Nano Clone Update

Taki Udon showed a fully built DE10 Nano clone that passed QA testing. He mentions that the power header pins are in the top left corner. This will allow non-jank connectivity with add-on boards.

An earlier devlivery window for the FPGA chips was also secured and if everything goes according to schedule, an end-of-June/first week of July launch is possible.

Finally, a 3D render of the back ports for the cartridge version of his MiSTer console was shown, giving us a better idea on how it will look compared to the previous diagrams.


RetroCastle New Colors

RetroCastle has added 4 new colors to their MiSTerFPGA kits. A range of features are offered depending on your needs. There are dual RAM kits, kits that provide builtin composite and s-video output and more.


Game Challenge

The next Game Challenge on #MiSTerFPGA Discord is Pokemon Pinball – Ruby & Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance. It is a dual-scoreboard challenge for both tables in the game. Challenge goes until June 20th.


MiSTer Addons Analog IO Pro Board Testing

Kuro Houou tested the MiSTer Addons IO Analog Pro board and says that it can output proper video levels for Component Video (YPbPr) and RGB is at reference quality.