MegaSD Firmware v1.05 R06 Released

Terraonion has just released a firmware update for their Sega Genesis & Mega Drive ROM Cart / ODE.  There’s a few bugfixes and a new feature:  The ability to have CD audio added to 32x games.  This will not require the MSDEXP adapter, as it’s not emulating a 32xCD game and instead using their MD+ patch features.  So, if you’re a romhacker and want CD audio on your 32x games, check this one out!

Purchase the MegaSD:
Download The Firmware:

Here’s the full list of changes since the previous release:

  • 32X+ games support (games using digital CDDA tracks from CUE files).
    Commands are allowed from normal area and from 32x banked area (not from SH2 areas). Several restrictions apply, mainly regarding RV bit handling, so check Doom 32X resurrection source as an example.
  • Fix several issues when using SSF2 mapper on a 32X game
  • Add a command to query the amount of tracks in a cue in MD+
  • Fix College Football 96 not working properly due to lack of save header

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