Doom 32X ‘Resurrection’ v2.0 Update

The team behind the amazing Sega 32x restoration of Doom has just released an update with some interesting new features!  There’s unique features like the ability to play against another person with a full 32x setup via the Zero Tolerance Link Cable, which links two consoles together via the second controller port.  There’s also more graphical updates and the ability to have a CD-quality soundtrack via the MegaSD’s latest firmware (hopefully we can have MiSTer support soon as well!).  Matteusbeus just did an excellent video showing off some of the additions, so check it out above, with the full list of changes below the links:

Download the patch here (Europe version of the ROM required):
Patching Tool:
Play on real hardware with a ROM Cart:

Here’s the full list of changes since v1.5 was released:

  • Network support via the Zero Tolerance (aka Technopop) link cable.
  • Fullscreen 320×184px graphics mode.
  • A refined palette / colourmap has been added for improved visual fidelity, aka “high colour” mode.
  • Controller hot plugging support.
  • Anamorphic widescreen support for 16:9 screens.
  • 32X+ (CDDA tracks from CUE files) support has been added and is enabled when the MegaSD flash cart is detected.
  • Upon completing the game, the song “The End of DOOM” is now played during the final message.
  • The colormap now inverts during invulnerability to closer match the original DOS port of the game.
  • The AutoMap now has smooth scaling.
  • The maximum number of sound channels in the mixer has been increased from 4 to 8.
  • Monsters in neighboring sectors are now more likely to wake up when a player fires a weapon.
  • Sector lighting now defaults to high detail mode.
  • Imps and Cacodemons now have slower projectile speeds.
  • Doom 2 map specials are now supported.
  • Improved multi-threaded rendering of sprites.
  • The map title and stats are now displayed in the automap.
  • When possessing the sphere of invulnerability, the god mode face is now shown in the status bar.
  • The game can no longer be paused during multiplayer.
  • You can no longer attack, strafe or use things when in the automap.
  • The Spectre is now featured in the final cast sequence.

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